Christopher Fontenot

I was born and raised in south east Texas about an hour and a half east of Houston. I am 100% Texan and Creole. Raised on cajun cookin, sweet tea and the golden rule. I am what you would expect from a Texan. I drive a big diesel truck, respect others, love my dogs and wife, if it broke I can fix it and if I could I would hunt and fish all day.

Attribute my customer care and relationship building to the ethics and manners instilled in me and I still behave as such. You will constantly here me thanking others and saying sir and ma’am

What brought me up here, I hear this all the time. I simply grew tired of the hurricanes and the heat. In 2005 Katrina wiped me out. When I came home I found my house got about 2.5 ft of water which was now gone and replaced with black mold. Appliances, beds, dressers, everything was trashed. Needing a fresh start and just a place to re group a friend at the University of Chicago invited me to stay with him for a bit, so I grabbed the 2 suitcases I evacuated with since that was all I had left and caught the first thing smoking. Once I got my barring’s I enrolled in school and started working 3 jobs to rebuild.

After receiving my associates in business and my bachelors in business management I start playing poker for a living and do so for about 4 years. Making a decent living at that I knew I always wanted to get in to real estate so I enrolled in the course and officially started in January of 2014. After hustling non stop for about 2.5 years I had build up enough business that I needed help. And thus the cowboy team was created.

Side note, how did that all get started...

When I first started in real estate I was told I needed to dress nice. Dressing nice to me meant your good jeans, clean boots and of course my hat. I didn’t think anything of it but it quickly became a thing. Clients and agents would call asking for the cowboy. Buyers would show up to open houses asking where they could find the cowboy. So The Cowboy of Real Estate was born and quickly became a brand I could hang my hat on.

To date I have 11 agents working with me and an amazing company that helps and handles build my brand, websites and marketing to ensure my clients get the best services and exposure for their listings. And this is only the beginning for me. I have plans in motion to continue to grow and expand and will always work to help better this business and others around me.

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