Complete 90 hour Pre-Licensing Course

This can be done online or in person. They both come with pros and cons. The biggest pro for online is you can do it at your own pace. No set hours to be inside a classroom. ARS has partnered with one of the top online schools and you can check out their site here.

Pass the state and national re exam

Once you have complete the course and received your certificate, you will need to schedule the state and national exams through your local testing center. These exams are designed to be very tricky and it's best to prep as much as possible. You can find Exam Prep here.

Choosing the right company

In order you activate your license you must become sponsored by a RE company. With so many amazing companies out there how does one go about choosing the right one. Below you can find a list of questions we recommend asking and determine which are important to you.

completing and activating your license

Last thing you need to do to complete your licensing process is to apply with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA). You will need to download and fill out the application and send it to your new company for them to sign and then submit it with the $60 fee.


Initial training and proper education is crucial in this industry. From contracts to goals, from negotiation to work life balance, these are all equally important. Continued training, coaching and mentoring are also important for success in this industry. Be sure to find out if there are any sort of fees be that up front or in the form of sharing your commission. At ARS these services are offered at no charge and non stop.


You are going to be working very hard in this business. It takes a great deal of time, effort and money to launch this career. You will be hosting events, sending out market, hosting open houses and more. So when the day comes to collect your commission you should know what you are getting. Be sure you ask about not only the split structure but if there are any fees such as monthly, annual, franchise, technology, office or any others. At ARS we offer two tiers for our agents to choose from. 80/20 comes with a cap and is great for the newer agents as we cover all your cost. More experienced typically choose the 100% with a small monthly fee.


In this industry you will send a great deal of time on the go. Showing homes to your buyers, meeting potential clients at listing appointments; driving around from here to there. It is important that your business is everywhere you are, ideally in your pocket on your phone. The right technology can save you countless hours, headaches and reduce the stress that comes with this job. At ARS we offer two systems that are all inclusive. Our company portal provides our agents with a personal and a company CRM and a list of other amazing features. Best part is, it comes on a mobile app.

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